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Correct Golf Answer Drive down and steep into the ball

The ability to hit a low shot is an important one for a golfer as it allows shots to be played such as a rescue shot below tree branches or a low running shot staying underneath the wind.

The key to playing this shot is to start the ball out on a lower trajectory from the club face than normal. To achieve this we need to drive downwards into the ball steeply by setting up slightly differently from the norm.

Follow these points:

1. Take one extra golf club so that we can swing at 80% and concentrate on a solid contact.

2. Hold the golf club down the grip by one inch for extra control.

3. Move the ball to the back half of the stance.

4. Position approximately 70% of the body weight on the front foot.

5. Control the follow through.

The first two points help to control the golf club while executing a set up that is different from normal. The last three points ensure that the club head will attack the ball on a steeper angle than normal and produce a lower launch angle from the moment of impact.

After setting up in this way, make as normal a swing as possible keeping the weight on the front foot throughout the swing. Make sure to control the follow through of the swing. The club head will drive into the ground and take a divot because of the steep angle into the ball (dont forget to replace it) and so do not release or roll the hands over, instead keep the follow through short and keep the hands in front of the club head keeping it low to the ground. This follow through action holds the loft off the club face and ensures that the hands do not flick underneath the ball and pop the ball up into the air.

If you get this shot correct the ball should shoot low from impact and then land and roll out to nearly full distance.

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This can cause problems as a longer, lower lofted golf club is harder to control than mid to short irons. It is possible to reduce the ball flight height of any golf club and so making the shot harder by taking a longer golf club is unnecessary.

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It is true that swinging slower lessens the back spin on the golf ball which will make the ball rise less into the air. It is also true that the ball will not have enough power to reach its normal height. However, the ball will still rise off the club face at its normal launch angle which will be too high to get underneath the branches of a tree that is close or will still pop up into the wind. Additionally, because the club head speed is less than normal, the ball will not travel as far as it usually does and so it will take more shots to get the required distance.

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Although the most effective way of keeping the ball low and getting out of trouble, the lack of distance of this type of play can be a real drawback in getting the following shot to the green. Also, there will be a future lack of practice to perfect the technique as the banning from all practice facilities and the golf course is enforced!!!