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Correct Golf Answer Good set up and sweep the ball away

Hitting 3 woods from the fairway can be very difficult and technically demanding but is a necessity for players wanting extra distance on approach shots into greens.

The first thing players need to achieve is a fantastic set up position. Getting the fundamentals spot on when addressing the ball will increase the likelihood of hitting a successful shot. Golfers hitting a 3 wood from the fairway need to sweep the ball off the ground and not strike down and through like an iron shot. This is because the 3 woods loft (normally about 15 degrees) will be reduced by a descending blow. To maintain the clubs loft, players should clip the ball cleanly away. To help make this possible the ball should be positioned just inside the left heel at address. Other features of a successful set up include the shoulders to be tilted slightly away from the target, the butt end of the club to be pointed at the belt buckle and the weight distribution to be placed 50-50 on each foot.

When swinging the club, players need to get the feeling they are swinging through the ball on a very shallow arc. The club should be grazing the very top of the grass through impact and gathering the ball up as it moves through. Players should try to avoid taking big divots after impact.

Although most 3 woods have a loft of around 15 degrees, some are much stronger, sometimes as low at 13 degrees. To ensure a successful shot from the fairway, players need a 3 wood with sufficient loft and nothing lower than 15 degrees.

Although hitting a 3 wood is difficult from the fairway, achieving a great set up is the first thing players should do.

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The last thing players should do is actively try to lift the ball into the air. This is normally caused when golfers are scared of hitting the ball very low. However, a player who flicks at the ball is likely to hit the ground before the ball, glancing off the surface and hitting a thin or topped shot.

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Although players need a good amount of club head speed to generate enough spin to lift the ball skyward, actively trying to hit the ball harder will increase the likelihood of an off centre strike. Focus on keeping swing rhythm smooth and hitting the ball from the centre of the club face.

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Although shaping the ball with the 3 wood is fantastic, most players would be better suited in attempting to hit a straight shot. This is because shaping the ball will usually add more complications into the swing and make an already difficult shot harder.