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Golf Question: How Can I Hit A Golf Pitch From Thick Rough?Being able to hit controlled shots from the heavy rough around the green is essential to becoming a successful player. Pitching from thick rough is difficult, however, it is also achievable by using appropriate equipment and the correct technique.

Firstly, golfers need to understand that being in the thick rough is meant to be punishing and therefore players may need to take their medicine and chip out sideways at times. But if the lie is not ridiculous then golfers can attempt the shot. Golfers need to use a high lofted wedge to get the ball up and out of the lie, a low lofted club could simply bury the ball deeper into trouble. Use this technique and a high lofted club to hit a pitch from the heavy rough.

  • When you are confident you have enough loft on the club to escape the lie address the ball.
  • The ball position should be dead centre in the stance when using a wedge
  • Players should look to place about 70% of their body weight forward and lean the shaft towards the target. This is to help ensure a descending blow into impact.
  • The steeper angle of attack should also help ensure the club doesnt get snagged up in the grass.
  • When hitting shots from heavy rough, the grass will usually wrap around the clubs hosel and try to rotate the face closed. Because of this the grip should be tighter and the wrists held firm throughout impact. This should help keep the club face square to the target line.
  • When swinging the club, keep the body weight forward and strike down on the ball whilst keeping the wrists firm.
  • If the swing has been effective the ball should be contacted firmly before the ball and fly upward.
  • To help the ball on its way, ensure the through swing is strong and powerful and drives upward out of the grass. Dont stop at impact!
  • When the ball lands on the green it will have little spin and this should be taken into account when judging where you want to land the shot.
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    Actively trying to hit up on the ball will usually cause the club to bottom out before impact and gives the grass more chance to grab hold of the club face and rotate it closed.

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    A golfers first priority is to get the ball up and out of the thick rough. Using less loft for a low pitch shot could put the ball into deeper trouble, compounding your original error!

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    Although this is an option and often one which many players would be advised to take, using the correct technique can help get the ball closer to the hole. Using a correct technique can help golfers escape the heavy rough and get their pitch shots close to the hole.