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Answer How Can I Get Perfect Golf Posture

There are a number of fundamental aspects of the golfing technique players should master, one of which is posture.

Posture is the structure and foundation which the swing will be built around. It provides strength, balance and several in swing benefits.

Finding the perfect posture
will enable a much more repeatable swing which allows you to turn around the spine angle and rotate the club away on a good plane.

Whenever you try to improve part of your technique its always worthwhile trying to emulate a favorite player. With posture, you need to be careful to choose someone of similar height and build. Find pictures and watch their posture and try to mimic using this following drill. Using a mirror for this drill is extremely beneficial and can be practiced at home.

  • At address stand bolt upright with the legs and spine angle all erect.
  • Hold the club out in front of your body with the arms extended but relaxed and the shaft parallel to the ground.
  • Tilt toward the ball from your hips and dont bend from the waist. This is an important difference as bending causes the back to become rounded. It is hard to make a solid rotation away from the ball with a rounded back.
  • As you tilt forward the back should remain straight and the hips should push back.
  • Tilt until the club touches the ground. Looking side on in a mirror, the back should be straight and the legs also straight.
  • Now add some knee flex. Again, its important not to ‘bend the knees into a sitting position. Flexing the knees makes you ready and athletic.

Establishing a perfect posture is important and it should be maintained throughout the swing. This is something most of top players accomplish, especially those with athletic modern swings such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler.

Achieving a perfect posture is possible and should be strived for by every player.

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Having a good posture allows a player to make a good, consistent back swing, rotating around the spine angle. Tilting from the hips also allows a good hip turn through the ball. A good posture also takes strain away from joints and the lower back, prolonging a players career.

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Achieving a correct posture can be done by practice and repetition. Once the above drill has been practiced 100 times, players should find they settle into the new position naturally.

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This can be a genuine argument for some players who are unfit or injured. If you are injured then always consult medical advice, but if you are unfit, training and stretching can be undertaken before adopting this posture.