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How Can I Get Up And Down More To Improve My Golf Scores?Getting up and down from around the green is critical if a golfer wants to stand any chance of achieving good scores.

How to get up and down more successfully is no great secret; employing a good technique, good shot selection and practice.

The first thing a player must get right is their technique. A solid chipping technique can be used with almost any club to different effect. The more lofted clubs will fly higher and stop quickly whilst the less lofted clubs will fly lower with more roll. Firstly, groove this basic chipping technique.

  • Hold the club slightly further down the grip for more control
  • The club face should be square to the ball-to-target line and the shoulders parallel to this line. The feet and hips, however, should be slightly open to the target line. This is because the chipping swing is short and the golfer doesnt have the time to build up enough momentum to turn the hips through impact. This is why golfers should pre-set the impact position
  • The ball should be positioned just back of center in the stance with 60% of body weight on the front foot. The hands should also be opposite the front thigh
  • By leaning the shaft towards the target slightly it will be easier to create a clean contact and descending blow on the ball

  • After taking the correct set up the swing is mostly controlled with the shoulders rocking back and through. The grip should be kept as light as possible to increase feel. The shoulders, arms and club shaft lean towards the target to create a y shape
  • As the shoulders rock back the arms, wrists and hands stay connected with each other. This means the arms move back under the control of the shoulders, the wrists move back under control of the arms and hands rock back and through
  • At impact, the left arm and back of the left wrist should be held firm to ensure there is no flicking of the club head at the ball
  • The hands return ahead of the club head at impact and the shoulders, arms, and club shaft maintain the y shape
  • This will cause a slightly descending blow which is necessary for the optimum amount of control
  • As the club passes through impact, the wrists should stay firm as the club accelerates. The club should be swung the same length back and through for an optimum amount of control

To get up and down and improve golf scores then solid technique and practice is required.

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When hitting shots from around the green, many players simply reach for the most lofted club in the bag and attempt to flick the ball up into the air. A good short game requires variation and not just high shots. Lob wedges can be useful but are not the answer for every situation.

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Often the most practice some players have on their chipping and putting is just before a round. To enhance and develop a good short game players must practice. If you only have an hour a week to practice then dedicate this hour to chipping and putting, more good will come from it.

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This is a little bit of small print! Although the chipping technique is vastly important, the very next shot is also vital; putting. Practice chipping and putting in equal amounts for better scores.