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Golf Question: How Can I Find My Natural Golf Tempo?Many people struggle with trying to find their natural golf tempo. However, it can be as easy as being, well, natural.

Golfers can look at their swings as a snapshot of the pace they live their life. Top players such as Fred Couples and Jimmy Walker have very laid back and relaxed swings which match their personality. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia have faster and more aggressive swings which again match their personality. Many amateur golfers try to swing like Tiger and Rory even if they dont have the same physical ability or same attitude towards the rest of their life.

A great way to find your natural swing is to pick a top player who you can relate with and try to imitate their swing tempo. You may never achieve the same swing dynamics but swing tempo is something which can definitely be copied.

The best way to achieve this is to get hold of a video, TV, or internet clip of your selected player and have it nearby when you are practising. In the modern age, this is now much easier with smart phones opening up new horizons for portable video clips. Watching Rorys swing and then hitting shots trying to imitate the tempo will work a thousand times better than simply thinking swing smooth or swing slow.

Another way of matching your swing speed to the speed you live your life is to use the walk drill. The walk drill sees a golfer stand about five meters behind the ball looking down the target line before walking to the ball and getting set up. Try to match your swing speed to the pace at which you walked up to the ball.

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Although swinging very slowly wont enable a player to hit the ball a long way, swinging very hard at the shot will almost certainly throw the swing out of line or sequence. Dont swing hard or soft; swing like you.

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Players who swing a weighted club will almost certainly be forced to move the club more slowly. However, it could give a false impression of how fast your real swing will be. Also, a weighted club will increase the overall strength a player has so is more likely to add speed than take it away.

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Some golfers like to actively count out the swing but this can lead to a mechanical and unnatural motion. Try to imitate a rhythm or find your own and dont manufacture it. Finding a natural tempo is something every player should do in their swing.