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Golf Question: How Can I Cure My Restricted Golf Follow Through?It is a common fault amongst many golfers where they feel their follow through is restricted. The follow through is related to how the body is moving through impact and the swing path of the club.

A good full follow through position is made by the body coiling up due to the rotation and speed produced on the down swing which should see the hips and shoulders at least pointing down the target line, with the right foot on its toes and the sole of the foot pointing backwards and the golf club over the left shoulder.

If a player doesnt use much hip turn during the down swing then there will not be much coil happening after the ball is hit as there is very little momentum to make this happen.

To achieve a good follow through position, work on how your body rotates during the back swing, but most importantly on the down swing, aim to get your hips facing towards the target before the golf ball is struck. This build up in speed will help the bodys momentum to the follow through.

One other common cause of poor rotation through the ball is the swing path. If you are approaching the ball from outside of the line (out to in) then the club is effectively moving towards the ball and the body at the same time. This therefore stops the body rotating so it can primarily concentrate on hitting the ball which means through impact there is no momentum to get into the follow through position.

If this sounds like your swing, then work on your swing path. Try to make the path more from the inside which would promote the draw shape and instantly your body will feel freer and able to move. You will notice after the ball is struck that your follow through will feel much more natural.

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Extension of the right arm in particular through the ball is vital, as you should be trying to create a mirror image of the down swing where the left arm is straight. The extension through the ball helps create a wide and powerful golf swing. However, this can only be used to its full effect when the hips are rotating through the golf swing. An extension of the arms through impact without the hips rotating fully is almost impossible as the right arm will collapse causing an array of bad shots.

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Lateral movement throughout the swing will not help the players follow through position to extend. It will cause more of a shortened follow through as the hips moving side to side will hinder the rotation of the shoulders with the swing stopping at the left hip. The body should remain as centred as possible whilst rotating around the spine angle, which was created at set up and pivoting around the left leg and left hip through impact.

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The speed of the golf swing will help create an increased ball speed off the face at impact which could potentially lead to more distance, however, if the swing doesnt have any hip or shoulder rotation then increased swing speed could cause more loss of balance as opposed to a less restricted follow through. Focus more on the bodys rotation rather than the speed in which you are trying to the hit the ball. Increasing the hip turn and follow through will certainly lead to more power and a gradual increase in speed with less effort.