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Golf Question How Can I Deal With Misaligned Golf Tee BoxesAlignment off the teeing ground is incredibly important as it ensures that golfers have the best possible start to a hole.

Incorrect alignment is the cause of many problems off the tee although golfers often attribute their wild shots to something technical or advanced. Making sure you have correct alignment is key. This is not always easy however as some tee-boxes are not perfectly aligned to the fairway or to the type of shot you may be looking to hit. To deal with this, ensure your pre-shot aim routine is bang on. Follow this guide to hit solid shots.

  • Start every shot from behind the ball and then pick your target.
    When hitting from a misaligned tee-box this needs to be very precise in order for you to trust it.
  • The target could be a flag on a par 3 or something in the distance when trying to hit a fairway. Once this target is selected, draw a line in your mind from the target to the ball.
  • The line is called the ball-to-target line (target line). This target line is what the club face will be set square to for a straight shot.
  • Once the target line has been selected, pick something out on the ground in front of the ball. The closer the better as this will allow the club face to be aligned better.
  • The intermediate target could be a divot or mark on the ground.
    Move to the side of the ball and aim the club face at the intermediate target.
  • Once the club face has been aimed, set the body (toes, hips and shoulders) at right angles to the target line.
  • Despite the tee box being misaligned, golfers can now feel confident they are correctly set up for the shot ahead.

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Although this may feel comfortable, it will require manipulation of the club face and aim to get the ball back on to the target.

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Although players need to feel comfortable, standing on the tee-box unsure about where the club is aiming will not do the golfer any favors.

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Golf is a target orientated sport which means that alignment is very important. Dont just stand there and hope for the best, get a solid routine. Although misaligned tee-boxes are difficult to negotiate, a successful routine will help make this more achievable.