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Answer How Can I Correct My Inconsistent Putting

Hitting consistent putts is the only sure way of shooting great scores. No golfer can hope to become a great player without becoming a great putter.

Professionals and top amateurs all have different ways to putt but there are a number of things which stay constant. They all usually have a firm left wrist at impact and dont drive the stroke by flicking the wrists. Not flicking the wrists and powering the stroke by using the shoulders is the most consistent way to putt. Using the shoulders to rock the putter the same length back and through is also another common theme in great putters. Try these tips to help improve the consistency in your putting.

  • Keep the left wrist firm - When putting, feel like the left wrist remains firm at impact. After the ball is struck, push it down the target line. This will help the wrists not to break down and flick at the ball.
  • Maintain the triangle - At address the shoulders and arms form a triangle shape with the hands and the club at the bottom. Rock the shoulders back and through, trying to keep the same triangle shape between the shoulders, arms and club throughout the stroke. Again this should help eliminate wrist break during the stroke.
  • Use a ruler – Wear a watch or elastic band on the left wrist and slip a ruler down the back of the watch/band. It should sit in-between the watch face and back of left wrist. When putting, keep the ruler in the same position and dont let the left wrist break down and put strain on the ruler.

To groove a consistent putting stroke, practice these techniques and help drive down your handicap.

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Its true that many of the older professionals powered their strokes using lots of wrist action. However, technology and course conditions have improved so much that players need a pure pendulum motion to let the ball roll along the surface. They dont need to use the wrists so much anymore.

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To get the most consistent results, make sure the backstroke and through stroke are the same lengths. This will help golfers judge the pace of their putts much more easily.

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Its true that practicing the full swing can help reduce scores. But nothing will help a golfer improve more than practicing a consistent putting stroke.