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Correct Golf Answer Practice good technique with a mix of competitive games

To improve chipping (a shot that is taken from between 0 - 30 yards away from the green), in golf we have to look at two factors - technique and situation.

Technique is arguably the more important of the two factors as good technique means successful shot execution and allows the golfer to modify technique to suit any situation. With this in mind we need to plan any practice session that will take place and include two parts: the practice of technique and game style practice.
Firstly, the practice session should take the form of hitting golf balls in a controlled way, that is, from the same spot, with the same club, to the same target. In doing this, the golfer can modify and improve technique to be able to obtain the correct contact with the ball and watch the result to see the height and length the ball will travel on to the green. The golfer should have certain points to focus on such as:

- weight 70% on the front foot through the shot
- hands always staying ahead of the club head
- keeping the club head low to the ground after the ball strike.

Following the technical work which provides improvement for the future, there should then be an element of competitive games. This allows the golfer to take the good technique and practice with variables such as different lengths, lies and clubs. Different competitive games can be many and varied.

Here are a few examples to try:

- Playing from different areas around a green in competition with a friend in a simple first to 5 game.
- Playing solo - Have five golf balls and play to the fringe that is on the opposite side of the green from where you are standing. The first ball has to travel past the halfway point of the green but not touch the fringe on the far edge of the green. The second ball has to finish in-between the first ball and the fringe on the far edge of the green. The third ball has to finish between the second ball and the fringe on the far edge of the green and so on. If you can get to five balls without touching the fringe you are doing well.
- Playing solo or with a friend - Have three golf balls and chip all three to the same flag. Measure how far each golf ball is away from the flag in feet (use your wedge or putter - they are approximately three feet long). Add up the total and write it down. Now play two more holes doing the same until you have a total number of feet for three holes. Play the game again and see if you can beat (get a lesser number) than you had before.

There are many other games to play and making some up of your own is not difficult, but if you can combine chipping technique with game related practice you will find that you will be able to consistently get the ball close to the hole from anywhere.

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Practicing in this way is not good for long term improvement. Although you are experiencing game situations, the focus is always on getting the ball as close to the hole as possible. When doing this, it is difficult to try something new to improve technique and, in the end, nothing really changes.

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Doing this will definitely hone technique for the better, however, the shots you will face on the golf course will never be quite like the one you have practiced over and over. Make sure that there is time to develop good technique but then also make sure that you use that technique in different situations.

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This is great for developing a good repeatable technique, unfortunately, we rarely find ourselves hitting chip shots from a perfectly carpeted lie out on the golf course - unless you have been invited to play in The Masters of course...