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Correct Golf Answer By using grass, clouds, trees and flags

To better judge the wind on the course, use every available resource at your disposal; all of which can be built into your pre-shot routine.

Wind can be a tricky customer as it can gust unexpectedly, swirl around trees or feel non-existent until the ball reaches the pinnacle of its flight. To better understand what the wind is doing, integrate this thought process into your routine before striking a ball.

Grass throw – Picking up a finger full of grass and tossing it into the air will give players an indicator of what the wind is doing in their immediate area and is always the best place to start.

Clouds – Peering to the heavens and studying the clouds will give an indication of the wind a ball is likely to encounter as it climbs into the air.

Trees – A little closer to home, players should look at the top of the trees which through their gentle swaying motion will give an indication of where the wind is blowing at tree level.

Flags – Studying how the flag is blowing on the green will tell a golfer a lot about what is happening around the putting surface as the ball reaches its target.

These four factors should be looked through carefully and then analyzed as a whole to get a more comprehensive picture. It could be that some of the wind direction readings don’t match up. For example, the flag and trees could be blowing left to right whilst the clouds could be moving right to left. With this particular example, golfers should always trust what’s happening at ground level first. Golfers are more likely to be able to judge wind direction nearby than hundreds of feet away.

The wind can be a help and hindrance to golfers. But players using a better evaluation process before they hit shots are more likely to be successful.

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Although popular in films, licking a finger and sticking it into the air is not an accurate way of judging where the wind is blowing from. Licking your fingers and holding it aloft will not increase your chances of feeling the wind but increase your chances of simply feeling the air.

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Although this could give some indication of what the wind is doing, different players will be using different clubs, balls, swings, spin rates, etc. Trust your own opinion and don’t rely on the results of other players shots.

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Although not against the rules, asking playing partners is ill advised unless they are an experienced and competent player. However, other players may see shots slightly differently than you and use the wind in different ways. Trusting your own preparation is always preferable.