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Answer How Can I Best Play A Hole With An Elevated Green

Elevated greens are often very difficult for amateur golfers because they throw up a number of challenges.

Firstly, the green could be significantly higher than where the golfer is hitting from. This means they normally cant see the bottom of the flag and get a true judgment about where on the green the pin is located. Secondly, the raised green is effectively further away from the golfer. Not only will golfers have to gauge the distance but then add yardage because they are hitting to something raised above their heads.

Getting a precise yardage is important. Use markers on the fairway or secure a course planner to help. If the green is raised more than 10 feet above the level of the fairway, add on half a club of distance. This means if the green is raised 20 feet above the level of the fairway, golfers should look to hit an extra club.

Judging where the pin is located can be difficult but once a determination has been made golfers need to fully commit to their decision. Any indecision about this can cause numerous problems. Elevated greens usually feature quite severe run off areas leaving difficult chips up onto the putting surface. If the ball doesnt find a run off area then there could be a hazard lying in wait ready to catch a ball rolling back off the green.

If players are lucky enough to own a distance measuring device then this can take much of the guesswork out of the club selection.

Hitting a shot into a raised green can be tough but getting the yardage correct and committing will help.

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Because of the slopes involved players are often better off hitting a high shot into an elevated green. Trying to run the ball up a steep hill is normally inconsistent and could cause the ball to pull up short leaving a difficult chip.

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Players are normally better suited by trying to hit the ball straight into an elevated green. This is because a draw or fade shot can cause the ball to fly longer or shorter than expected. Try to keep the shot as simple as possible.

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If you are hitting a short chip or pitch into the green then running up to the green and having a look where the pin is located shouldnt take up too much time. Running 180 yards up the fairway, however, to look could cause a certain amount of consternation amongst playing partners.