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Golf Question How Can I Attack The Golf Ball From The InsideTo attack the ball from the inside, golfers can use a variety of different techniques and swing thoughts.

Its a very widely talked about subject as many people view an inside path as the best way to hit a golf ball. This is because so many golfers slice shots (with an out to in path) and see many professionals drawing it instead. They understand that to draw the ball the club needs to travel from an inside to out path in relation to the target line with the club face open to the target but closed to the path.

To get this path, golfers need to make sure their down swing works in the correct sequence to allow the club to move inside the target line to out. Professionals enjoy hitting a draw because swinging from an inside path helps generate a greater amount of power and a pure strike as the club can flow through unimpeded when compared to cutting across the body. To hit a draw shot, practise this following drill and technique.

  • Place two alignment sticks one foot apart, pointing down towards the target. The alignment sticks represent a straight swing path through the ball.
  • To practise hitting a draw, swing through the ball on an in-to-out swing path with the club face pointing towards the target at impact.
  • To do this, begin the down swing by transferring the body weight on to the front foot and turning the hips.
  • The hips should lead the upper body as the hands drop down towards the ground. This will have the combined effect of rotating the body and dropping the hands and club to the inside of the target line.
  • From here, the club should move on an inside path into the ball and out over the alignment sticks.
  • If the shot is successful, the ball will travel from left to right in the air finishing near the target.
  • By using the alignment sticks, golfers will be better able to tell if the club is traveling from an in-to-out path as it will cross over the alignment sticks extending out right of the target.

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To hit a successful draw, the club needs to move from in to out and aiming the body more right can help this to happen. However, to hit a successful, repeatable and powerful draw, the club needs to move in sequence with the hip turn.

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It is possible to get the club moving on an inside path by just manipulating the hands, however, this will be more inconsistent than other approaches.

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When golfers strike down on the ball they are more likely to have an out to in swing path through impact. Especially with the driver, try and hit more up on the ball. This will help the club drop on an inside path. Hitting the ball from the inside requires a hip turn and hand drop combination.