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Golf Question: Can I Use A Golf 6 Iron From Around The Greens?To have a successful short game, golfers need to have a great variety of shots available in their armoury.

Often golfers reach too quickly for a high lofted wedge when other simpler and more effective shots could be available. One such shot is a chip and run using a straight faced iron.

Using a 6 iron around the green is a perfect example of a simple yet effective way to lift the ball slightly before getting it rolling towards the hole.

Using a 6 iron chip and run might seem an alien concept to many and it must be used at the right time. Hitting this shot when there is a bunker in between you and the flag, for example, would not be a good choice!

The whole point of a 6 iron chip and run is to land the ball just on the green and get it rolling like a putt as quickly as possible. Use the following technique to make it happen.

  • Make sure the lie is clean and not sat down in heavy rough, also ensure there is a clear run on to the green not blocked by any obstacles. The ball flight will be very low.
  • Take hold of the 6 iron grip a little further down the handle for more control over the ball.
  • Set the club face square to the ball-to-target line.
  • During the pre-shot routine envisage where the ball will land on the green and how it will roll out to the hole
  • Take a narrow stance with the ball positioned back of center and set the feet slightly open to the target.
  • The hands should be leaning the shaft forward of the ball opposite the left thigh. This is important as it will help ensure a downward strike hitting the ball first then turf.
  • About 60% to 70% of body weight should be on the left side; this encourages a downward strike and the hands to return to impact ahead of the ball.
  • Swing the club away and try to keep wrist movement to a minimum. Make it an arms and shoulders driven stroke
  • Keep your swing the same length back and through with the weight maintained on the front foot.
  • The ball will rise slightly before hitting the green and rolling out towards the hole.

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There is simply not enough loft on a 6 iron to hit high floating lob shots. If attempted, the shots will fly too low and not stop on the green fast enough.

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Hitting a six iron from a bunker around the green is generally unadvisable. It will produce low shots that may struggle to come out of the bunker and will not stop on the green if it does clear the lip of the bunker.

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The loft on the 6 iron is not sufficient to cut through the thick rough, it is much more advisable to use a more lofted club like a sand wedge.