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Golf Question: Can I Use A Golf Hybrid Club When Im Near The Green?Using a hybrid from around the green can be a fantastic way to move the club through a tricky lie and get the ball rolling quickly like a putt.

The advantage of using a hybrid includes the clubs natural inbuilt forgiveness and wide smooth sole which can cut through heavy or claggy lies which would be difficult for a short iron or wedge to negotiate.

Using a hybrid club around the green usually requires a slight alteration in the chipping or putting technique. Use the following guide to hit a hybrid club from around the green.

  • Start with the feet shoulder width apart, set parallel to the target line.
  • Place the ball just forward of centre in the stance with weight 50/50 on each foot.
  • Use your putting grip, holding the club a little further down the handle to negate the extra length of the hybrid when compared to a putter.
  • Use your normal putting posture (a little tilt from the hips so the eyes are hanging over the ball if possible or slightly inside the ball-to-target line).
  • Aim the club face at your intended target.
  • Place a little more weight on the front foot.
  • Start the stroke with a very slight forward press, moving the hands ahead of the ball by an inch.
  • Take the club away low to the ground keeping the hands, arms and shoulders as one unit. The wide sole of the club should keep the club moving and gliding through the grass.
  • The shoulders should drive the stroke, rocking them back and forwards, the club should be moving like a pendulum.
  • The club sweeps through the ball on a very shallow arc, there shouldnt be a divot, brush the turf through impact.
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    Like all other clubs, the amount of power produced at impact is determined by the player not by the club. An appropriate length of swing is needed to produce a short chip and shot.

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    Just because your club can excel at one particular type of shot, dont be afraid of using it for others where it could also do well. The hybrid is a great example but so is the 3 wood chip around the green.

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    Nowhere in the rules of golf does it forbid a player to use a certain type of club in any situation. If you want to use a putter to drive and a driver to putt you can do, but choose the shot wisely! The hybrid club is a very adaptable and very worthwhile weapon to use around the green.