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Golf Question: Can I Hit Golf Chip Shots With A Gap Wedge?A gap wedge is a golf club designed to fill the “gap” between the sand wedge and pitching wedge.

Clubs are primarily separated by the differences in length and loft; the increase or decrease in angle between the leading edge and top edge of the club.

A sand wedge usually has a loft of around 56 degrees and a pitching wedge 47 degrees. The gap wedge usually has a loft of 52 degrees to fill the loft void between the more conventional wedges.

There is only a slight difference in the length and loft of the gap wedge and therefore it can be used successfully to play chip shots. It will fly slightly lower than a sand wedge and slightly higher than a pitching wedge if struck with the same technique. Use this following guide to hit a consistent and repetitive chip shot with a sand wedge.

  • The ball should be played from the middle of stance with 60% body weight placed on the front foot. To hit the ball higher or lower the ball can be placed further forward or further back.
  • The feet and hips should aim slightly left which will pre-set them into an impact position which is not always achievable with a short swing technique.
  • Swing the club away using the shoulders and arms. There should be almost no wrist hinge during the back swing.
  • As the shoulders and arms move the club away, golfers should keep 60% of the body wright on the front foot.
  • Swinging the club away with the shoulders and arms could feel quite robotic but it will decrease the angle of attack produced into the ball.
  • Swing down and return the hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact. Slide the club underneath the ball and use the bounce. There shouldnt be a big divot but rather a bruising of the ground after impact.
  • Swing through and repeat the no wrist follow through. Drive the club through with the arms and shoulders.

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Think of the gap wedge as just another tool in the short game arsenal. You can use it to play a chip shot as well as all the other clubs. Practise swapping in between the different wedges to see the changes in height and flight.

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Because the chipping technique written above can be used with almost every club, there is no need to make big adaptions to your technique in order to hit chip shots with a gap wedge.

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The difficulty in hitting chip shots is spread throughout the bag and is not just confined to one club. Using the correct technique, however, will make every shot a little easier. A gap wedge is just another club with another loft and can be used to hit solid chip shots.