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Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Just The Latest FadHybrid golf clubs are certainly not just the latest fad in golf. Since their initial introduction in 2002 by TaylorMade, they have grown in popularity due to their forgiveness and ease of use. They are so popular that they are even used by todays leading Tour Professionals who have embraced them and regularly include them in their bags, replacing their 2 or 3 irons.

The reason for their popularity is because of the advantages that they deliver from the technology in their club head design. A hybrid has a much larger club head than a long iron. This means that the club designers have been able to move the weight in the club head further away from the club face, which they cannot do in the smaller head of a long iron. Moving the weight in the hybrid head has produced a golf club that is much more forgiving. If you hit a long iron from off centre, the club face twists and the shot is hit off target.

This happens because as the ball strikes one end of the face, it slows this area of the club head down. But the other end of the face does not slow down as it does not impact with anything and therefore the face twists and produces an inaccurate golf shot. The weight position in a hybrid club head, however, means that the club head is able to resist this twisting action and this results in a straighter golf shot.

The weight position in the hybrid club head means that the hybrid produces a higher trajectory golf shot than a long iron. This makes it easier to strike the ball into the air with a hybrid. The weight position lowers the club heads centre of gravity and this produces the higher flight.

The larger club head of a hybrid also means that the face has a larger sweet spot than a long iron. The sweet spot is where maximum shot length and accuracy are achieved and if the area on the face is larger, it obviously makes it easier to strike from this area.

Because of these many benefits, hybrid golf clubs have become extremely popular and they are certainly here to stay now that they have been embraced by not only amateur golfers, but so many professionals as well.

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Hybrid golf clubs have become very popular since their introduction in 2002. In less than ten years, over 65% of Tour players were using them and at one event (2011 Transitions Championship) in a field of 144 players, 127 hybrids were in play.

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Hybrids are a relatively recent innovation when you consider that the game of golf has been popular since the late nineteenth century. They have only been around for just over ten years, but they are definitely here to stay.

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Hybrid golf clubs have been around for many years now. They were originally launched in 2002 by TaylorMade but what really cemented their position and made them a permanent feature in golf bags was the fact Tour Professionals embraced them and dropped their 2 and/or 3 irons in favor of them.