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Are There Any Key Fundamentals That Most Golf Professionals ShareIf you watch todays leading tour professionals, they may appear initially to have different actions and styles. They may seem to swing at different speeds and look different as they reach their finish position.

Golf swings are all individual movements and very specific to the individual making the movement. However, there are certain key fundamentals that nearly all of the top professionals share.

Initially, all golf professionals will have an effective grip. Your grip and how you hold the golf club is absolutely vital as it is the only connection that you have with the club and the club makes the connection with the golf ball. How you position your hands on the club dictates how the club is presented back to the golf ball at impact and this influences the direction that the ball will be hit in and the flight that you will see the ball take in the air. If your grip is too weak, the club face will return back to the ball rotated more to the right than it started. If your grip is too strong, then the club will return to the ball rotated more to the left than it started.

You need to create a hold on the club that allows you to swing and return the club head back to the golf ball as it started. Check your grip position using a coin. Place the coin between your left thumb and index finger/hand. Your hand should be positioned so that the coin is in the centre of the handle and pointing towards your right shoulder (right handed golfers). If your left hand is on in the correct , your right hand will locate over your left thumb when you place it on, but if you hold a coin between your right thumb and hand, the coin should again point towards your right shoulder.

The second key fundament that all golf professionals demonstrate is a solid impact position. Regardless of how the back swing has been made, all professionals swing identically through impact. They all have their weight on their front foot, with their lower body rotated towards the target. Their left arm is straight and in front of the left side of their torso, with their hands just ahead of the golf ball so that the shaft of the golf club is leaning slightly forward towards the target.

Finally, all golf professionals demonstrate fantastic balance. They all finish in a balanced position regardless of the speed they have just swung the golf club at. They hold their finish position, without wobbling about or moving their feet until the ball has finished moving.

Work on hitting the golf ball and then counting to at least three holding your finish position, without moving. This drill will really help you to improve your balance.

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Even though golf professionals may all swing back differently and have their own individual characteristics throughout their swing, there are definitely certain fundamental characteristics that all professional golfers display.

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It is true that each golf professional has learned how to play golf with their own technique, so that they know exactly what their swing and movement does and what that then produces in the ball flight. However, even though each professional has developed their own style and game, they all display certain key fundamental positions.

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Watching professional golfers play golf and swing the golf club can really help you to develop your own game. These players have spent years honing their skills and movement and learned what works well and gives a successful outcome against what doesnt, so a great deal of information can be gained from knowing what professional golfers do.