putting path

For right-handed golfers, putts that break left-to-right are notoriously difficult. (Of course, lefties face the same challenge on right-to-left putts.)

Read the Putt

Identify the Spot

• When reading the putt, identify the spot where you think the ball will begin turning toward the hole (i.e. the high point of the break).The tendency is to push these putts, usually the result of a slight early lifting of the eyes. Here’s a quick tip to help handle tricky left-to-righters (vice versa for lefties):

 • Next, draw an imaginary straight line from the ball through that spot, to its finishing point left of the hole.

putting path point

• Address the ball as though attempting a straight putt on the imaginary line, looking at the end point – not the hole – and stroking the ball toward it.

One more point to keep in mind: Left-to-right putts will break more when downhill, less when uphill. On especially fast downhillers, play the ball slightly toward the putter’s toe as this will have a deadening effect at impact and slow the putt’s pace.

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