Practice Putting with Weaker Hand 1

If you had to make a 5-foot putt for a million bucks, but could only use one hand, which hand would you use?

It’s not a trick question. There’s no right or wrong answer. There is a point to the exercise, however, and that is to determine which hand – if either – dominates your stroke.

Ideally, the hands work together in perfect harmony to produce a smooth, accelerating motion that repeats putt after putt. To achieve this balance, it’s important to work exclusively with your off hand from time to time.

To figure out if one hand controls your stroke, stake out a spot 5 feet from the cup and hit several one-handed putts, alternating hands after a few tries with each. It shouldn’t take long to determine your dominant hand. It’s the one that feels more comfortable and, likely, delivers better results.

Now, the trick is to bring your non-dominant hand up to speed. That’s simple, too: Just use it to practice putting one-handed. Start near the hole and move out a few feet at a time. On the last attempt from each distance, hit the putt two-handed. You should feel the hands working more equally with every additional repetition.

When the hands work together, your speed will become more consistent and you’ll eliminate pushed or pulled putts caused by one hand taking over mid-stroke.