Arc Putting Stroke
    The arc putting stroke has made quite a splash in recent years. Promoted to be easier and more consistent the arc putting stroke requires no hand manipulation to keep the putter face square to the path.

    The stroke itself is not hard to visualize. Instead of the putter being stroked on a straight line back and through the arc putting stroke produces an in-to-in path, creating an arc in relation to the target line.

    A lot of scientific data has been accumulated comparing the arc putting stroke with the straight back-straight through putting stroke. But instead of looking at the numbers choose the arc stroke if it’s more comfortable and effective for you. Here is some basic information you need before you decide the arc putting stroke is for you:

    What is it?
    The arc putting stroke is formed by using the natural curve created by the spine in the putting motion and the angle of your body to the putter at address. As in the golf swing, the more upright you stand the easier it is to produce an arc putting stoke because the body moves in a more rotational manner.

    Why use it?
    If you have been tearing your hair out trying to master the straight back-straight through method of putting the arc stroke could be for you. A couple of advantages of using the arc putting stroke are avoiding putts pushed out to the right and better distance control on longer putts.

    Who should use it?
    If you struggle with the straight back-straight through method it could be that you are right hand dominant. The arc putting stroke allows the right hand to release making putts harder to push if the ball is positioned correctly in your stance.
    If you feel you are having a difficult time keeping the face square on the forward stroke then the arc putting stroke may work well for you. Also, if you struggle on long putts because you have to put a lot of effort into getting distance AND keeping the face square the arc putting stroke could work to your benefit.

    How do you produce an arc putting stroke?

    1. Ball position is important because the face and path are not swung in a straight line. The ball should be closer to the center of your stance than it would be for a straight back-straight through putting stroke. If it is too far forward the face will be closing at impact.

    2. If you position your eyes inside the target line and/or have a flatter shaft angle those factors will promote an arc in the stroke.

    3. A more upright body position will facilitate an arc putting stroke.

    4. If you position your elbows so they are tucked into the ribs it will cause more arc and while helping keep face square to the path of the arc.

    5. Do not use the hands to rotate the putter face.

    6. Uses a more lofted putter because of the ball position being further back in the stance.

    7. Keep face low to ground to promote an arc stroke.

    Experiment with the ball position and body position to first see if the arc putting stroke is comfortable for you. If it is and you feel your putts are straighter and distance control is better, then implement the other items to develop your arc putting stroke. Don’t struggle with the straight back straight through stroke because you believe in the theory. Go with the method that will benefit you most.