Thomas Golf AT90 Traditional-Length Putters Review

The Thomas Golf AT90 putters retail for $119 each and they use square bars and alignment lines for better target direction, being built and designed for more forgiveness and optimal feel, due to their high quality striking place insert built from CNC milled red aluminum. The black stealth finish of the Thomas Golf AT90 putters contrasts beautifully with the red aluminum striking plate, while its square weight bars are centered symmetrically on the perimeter of the putter’s sweet spot, making for an excellent weight distribution which creates a dynamically different feel compared to other products on the market.

The clever design of the Thomas Golf AT90 provides better roll and feel as it allows for an optimized impact with the golf ball. The square weight bars also play a role in providing you with extra alignment, as they help you to frame the ball within the bars when looking down at your putt. The lightweight aluminum body of the Thomas Golf AT90 works in tandem with the heavier weight bars for creating a high moment of inertia, while the putter’s extended mallet design will please golf players who like more weight compared to traditional style putters. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a high quality and affordable putter to provide you with amazing levels of forgiveness and true roll, the extremely high MOI Thomas Golf AT90 should be on your short list.