Thomas Golf AT92 Traditional-Length Putters Review

The Thomas Golf AT92 putters retail for $99 each and they feature a center shaft for dramatically reducing club head twisting, square weight bars heel to toe for improving forgiveness, an aluminum-made red face insert for optimizing feel and a black stealth finish, all in a compact blade design. The Thomas Golf AT92 is manufactured using high quality stainless steel and it looks and feels like it was build to last. The high putter face of the AT92 model will allow for a more consistent strike when you hit the golf ball with the sweet spot while its extra weight promotes that ideal pendulum motion which occurs when you’re using the larger muscles in your body.

In order to improve the heel to toe ratio of the putter, the AT92 uses strategically placed square weight bars; also, the putter comes with the most extreme moment of inertia due to the combination of the aforementioned square weight bars and the stainless steel made body. Being a center shafted putter, the AT92 is focused on creating more stability during the stroke, and it boasts a high grade milled red aluminum striking plate insert on its perfectly machined face for providing you with premium feel. In terms of playability and forgiveness, the Thomas Golf AT92 putter really shines due to its high moment of inertia, which minimizes distance loss and keeps it stable on off center strokes.