Thomas Golf AT72 Traditional-Length Putters Review

The Thomas Golf AT72 putters retail for $99 each and they feature dual ring weight ports for amazing forgiveness and an extra long sight line for better target direction. If you’re that kind of golfer who enjoys the feel of the head through your stroke, the Thomas Golf AT72 mallet style putter will fit you like a glove, due to its extra weight and its unique shot alignment design, that provides amazing accuracy. The Thomas Golf AT72 is a high quality piece of golf gear that comes with a machined face and a sober black stealth finish, which looks awesome and in the same time provides durability and eliminates glare.

The putter’s unique alignment system really works on the “battlefield”, while the hosel free design provides excellent feedback in terms of control and feel to your hands through every stroke. The Thomas Golf AT72 features a high grade CNC milled red face insert built from aluminum, while its extended mallet design lowers the COG (center of gravity), thus reducing backspin. The Thomas Golf AT72’s high moment of inertia provides truer roll and adds to forgiveness, making for a great choice for golfers who prefer heavier, mallet style putters, which boost confidence and constantly deliver smooth strokes.