TaylorMade Spider Blade 2.0 putter
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    More confident putting with improved accuracy:
    The TaylorMade Spider Blade 2.0 putter has as the name suggests a blade shaped head with a 3° loft and a 70 ° angle of lie. The head weight is 355 grams and the shaft comes in standard lengths of 35 and 38 inches. The MOI is high for a blade putter and gives it the stability of a mallet head shaped putter. The head is counterbalanced with 130 grams in the grip that is twice the weight of a typical grip. This makes it 50% more stable than a traditional blade shaped head. Counterbalancing helps with keeping the head moving on the path and in the direction intended by the golfer. The Spider Blade 2.0 uses the Pureroll Surlyn insert that allows the golfer to get the ball into a pure roll sooner and with more control than before. This thin insert is milled so the dimples in the ball fit the milling on the insert so there is limited skidding of the ball when hit. It makes for a soft sound and feels that some golfers find too soft as they prefer a louder pop from the putter.

    This new model gives you more stability and control when putting and the alignment markings allow you to line up the putter squarely with the ball and then to line up the ball with the pin. The shaft is mounted on the heel of the blade head with a single bend. A new black and white color scheme completes the look of the Spider Blade 2.0 making it a stylish looking putter.