TaylorMade OS Spider Putter Review
    © Taylormade Golf

    The TaylorMade OS Spider is a make-over of an already excellent putter, which remained relatively unchanged in the last years. The main difference consists of the re-designed deep milled aluminum inserts, made from 6061 aluminum and the head weights. Together with the new design, the TaylorMade OS Spider comes with a higher moment of inertia (MOI) compared with the previous generation.

    The OS particle stands for “over-sized” and the OS Spider weighs 335 grams. Instead of keeping the usual white and black head-alignment, TaylorMade chose a red stripe in the new OS Spider, wich features a white line right in the center. The white line is intended to contrast with the red, offering golfers excellent visual aid at address. The deep milled aluminum insert features horizontal mill marks, unlike the previous left-to-right pattern found in older putters, and the new design provides more consistent/smoother roll, better ball gripping and improved sound and feel. Together with the new insert design, the TaylorMade OS Spider comes with movable weights (2 x 4 grams), concealed behind 2 red aluminum caps.