TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black Maranello
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    Enhanced feedback and a smoother roll:
    The Ghost Tour Black Maranello is another great putter in this new range from TaylorMade with a matte black PVD coating for minimal glare and reflection. This putter has a loft of 3° and an angle of lie of 70° with a toe hang of 80° which is the highest in this range of putters. The mallet shaped head is made from 304 stainless steel with a three quarter off-set shaft and a slant neck. Standard lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches are available in right handed configurations only. Head weight is 355 grams that is on the heavy side and would suit the more advanced player over the beginner. A new insert made from 6061 aluminium with a deeply precision milled face replaces the old Surlyn PureRoll and gives a better feel and sound though the sweet spot is smaller than before. A soft feel with a better sound is produced with the new insert. The club comes with a standard Golf Pride pistol grip that can be customised to suit any player with an Iomic, SuperStroke 2.0 or other TaylorMade grip.

    A contrasting white perpendicular line runs from the back of the face across the mallet shaped head to help with aligning the ball to the pin. The heavier weighted head gives you more control and stability of the roll of the ball while the new insert limits any skidding of the ball when hit.