TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black Monte Carlo
    © Taylormade Golf

    Matte black putter with contrasting alignment line: The Ghost Tour Black Monte Carlo is another TaylorMade putter from the racing circuit range. This putter has a mallet shaped head that is coated in matte black PVD to minimise any glare and reflection from the putter when you are standing over it ready to putt. Like the other putters in the range the loft is 3° and the angle of lie is 70° but the toe hang on this putter is face balanced unlike the others that all have a degree of toe hang. This mallet shaped headed putter comes in both right handed and left handed configurations on standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The head is made from 304 stainless steel and the shaft is fully off-set. Weight of then head is the same as the other putters in this range at 355 grams that is heavier than other putters and might suit the more advanced player over the beginner. The neck is a single bend and the new 6061 aluminium insert replaces the old Surlyn PureRoll insert. This insert is precision deep milled for enhanced sound and feel with a small sweet spot that sounds very sweet. The Indy has the standard Golf pride pistol grip but this can be replaced by SuperStroke Mid-slim 2.0, Iomic or other TaylorMade grips.

    There is a single contrasting white line perpendicular to the striking face of the club to help you align the ball to the pin and follow through in the right direction. The heavier weight in the head allows you to control the ball over long and short distances. The trusted head shape and consistent Tour wins makes this a good choice of putter for the more advanced putter.