Taylormade Daddy Long Legs+ Putter Review

    Taylormade's latest trick, I mean their newest Spider aka Daddy Long Legs+ is marketed as being the most stable putter they've released, ever!

    The DLL+ putter is falling into the category of large mallet putters and it retails for $250. There are a few key technologies I must mention about this piece of golf gear, which work together for delivering a forgiving, stable head, thanks to the counter-balance weighting, which gives you predictable and, very important, repeatable results, round after round. In terms of looks, the Daddy Long Legs+ is an obvious improvement, compared to the precedent gen, and I must confess that the design looks very appealing, especially due to the contrasting color scheme (a black and white job); also, the squared profile of the (big) head makes it very easy to line up the hole. Also, despite my first impression, the big wings look pretty awesome, in a high-tech way, and they don't bother testers at all.

    Now, when it comes to performance, the Daddy Long Legs+ is a very consistent piece of golf gear and one of the best on the market. Distance control is absolutely beautiful, this putter really delivers and it builds confidence, making you feel like you can put the ball anywhere on the green, times and times again. When it comes to miss hits, there's very little distance loss, and that's great in my book. As per the “Feel factor”, well, tons of stability is the name of the game with the Daddy Long Legs+. You'll absolutely love the steady feel and the balance just after a few putts, and you'll get used to the counterweight grip and the long shaft of this putter in no time. Bottom line, the Daddy Long Legs+ is one of the best models on the market today and it represents an obvious upgrade over the previous generation. Basically, this baby is a super game improvement putter and you'll love its stability and forgiveness.