Scotty Cameron Select Putter Fastback

    Alignment tools and precision crafting:
    The Scotty Cameron Select Putter Fastback model shows all of the precision milling and advanced design evident in all the Scotty Cameron models. The standard specifications have a loft of 3° and an angle of lie of 70° on 33, 34 and 35 inch length shafts. Choose from customisation in the angle of lie of +/- 2° and for right handed players shafts are available in half inch lengths. Left hander configurations are available in the standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inch lengths. All models have a fully off-set shaft and are made form 303 stainless steel. The pop up sole plate is made from aircraft grade aluminium and has been precision milled to fit neatly into the stainless steel head.

    When standing over the ball there is a distinctive red cross that allows for better alignment to the ball and to the pin. The alignment stands out and gives you a better striking of the ball through the shot to the pin. Be confident that the alignment will improve your putting allowing for more sinking of putts. The mid mallet shaped head gives the golfer superior feel and sound when the putter strikes the ball. MOI has been increased by the designers to produce a truly distinctive and remarkable putter.