Scotty Cameron Dual Balance putters

    Dual balance for a more consistent stroke:
    Scotty Cameron Dual Balance putters are made with heavier weighted heads and counterweights in the butt of the shaft. This produces a more stable putter that will produce a more consistent stroke of the ball. These four putters all come with a standard 3° loft and an angle of lie of 70° that can be further customised with the loft +/- 1° and angle of lie +/- 2 ° to suit any player. Standard shaft length is 38 inches with half inch lengths made to order between 36 inches and 38 inches. Extra stability comes from the 50gram heavier head weight that will stabilise your putting stroke while the 50 gram counterweights in the shaft help to stabilise your hands when putting. A long 15 inch grip allows placement of your hands that will limit any dragging or flipping of the putter during each stroke.

    You have two options for the left handed player in the GOLO 5 DB and the Futura X DB while the other models the Newport 2 DB and the Futura X5 DB only in right handed configurations.

    The Newport 2 DB has a blade shaped head, full shaft off-set, flowing single bend shaft and a near minimum toe flow. A black line perpendicular to the head allows for better alignment of the ball to the pin and to the head of the blade.

    GOLO 5 DB putter has a mallet shaped head angled to the back with a single bend shaft, full shaft off-set and a minimum toe flow. A black insert allows for better alignment and more precise putts.

    Futura X DB has a high MOI mallet shaped head with a double bend shaft that is fully off-set with a minimum toe flow. The perimeter weighting and alignment tools allow for more confident and consistent putting.
    Futura X5 DB has a wing backed mallet shaped head and a single bend shaft that is fully off-set.