Odyssey Works Versa V-line putter
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    Big T alignment for confident putting:
    The Versa V-line putter has a perimeter weighted mallet head with the Big T alignment system for easier alignment of the ball and the putter. The standard specifications offer you a 3° loft with a lie angle of 70° with a full shaft off-set. The mallet head weighs in at 350 grams. Standard lengths are 33, 34 and 35 inches but you can have the putter customised to suit you. Odyssey Works have combined the White Hot insert with the metal X face plate to give you superior putting advantages. The striker plate allows the ball to start pure rolling sooner than other faces and the Big T alignment lets you line the putter up the ball and the direction you want the ball to go. Golfers like different alignments so Odyssey has put both on the mallet head of the Versa V-line to suit all golfers. The bold T allows you to align the head perfectly with the ball and then allows you to follow through in the direction you want the ball to travel to the pin. Patterning on the Metal X striker surface also minimises and skidding of the ball as you strike it for a smoother putting sensation.

    With a proven mallet shaped head this putter will help you to sink more putts and feel much more confident out on the golf course. Know that you are striking the ball in the right direction with the Big T and be confident of sinking those longer putts. Odyssey Works back all of their products with a two year replacement guarantee and claim the putters can take any treatment you care to dish out. The silver and black Big T alignment pattern is a real standout when you are standing over the club ready to putt,