Odyssey works Versa #9 putter
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    Superior putting with visionary alignment:
    The Versa #9 putter from Odyssey Works is toe weighted with a heel shaft position. It has a flanged blade combined with a long hosel and a half shaft off-set. Standard specifications include a 3° loft and a 70° angle of lie on various shaft lengths. The blade shaped head has a weight of 350 grams. As with all Odyssey Works clubs you are able to get a customise fit to suit you in both left handed and right handed clubs. Odyssey Works have combined their winning White Hot insert with the Metal X striker plate to give golfers the ultimate putting feel with the Fusion RX insert. The feel of the putter meets the superior ball rolling efforts of the patterned metal striker plate minimising skidding and giving you greater control and accuracy of your putts. A pure roll is attained faster with the Fusion RX insert making it a winner with golfers on tour and the keen amateur wanting to improve his chances on his local course. The Versa alignment helps you to line the putter and the ball giving a more accurate swing.

    The simple yet elegant silver and black contrast allows your eye to easily line up the striking face of the head with the ball and give you better accuracy and control over putts but in particular the longer putts. A more confident putter will make you a better golfer as you will be worrying less about putting and concentrating on enjoying the game. Putting will no longer be the stressful part of your game that ruins your day of golfing. Odyssey Works also guarantees that the putter will stand up to any sort of treatment you mete out during your game of golf.