Odyssey Works Versa 2 ball Fang putter
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    The 2 ball fang putter offers more stability and control:
    The winning Versa alignment coupled with 2 ball technology and perimeter weighted fangs give you better stability, accuracy and control of your putt. 2 ball alignments come with a higher contrast in black and silver to better position the putter behind the ball. Available for right and left handed golfers with standard specifications of 3° loft, 70° lie angle and shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches the club can be customised to suit any golfers requirements. The mallet shaped head and the perimeter fangs are weighted to increase the MOI and to give accurate centre and off centre hits of the ball. By combining the White Hot insert with the Metal X face to create the Fusion RX insert, Odyssey works have produced a superior striking face with earlier pure rolling once the ball has been struck. Skidding has been minimised as much as possible allowing for better rolling and striking of the ball.

    The counterbalance of the 2 ball Versa Fang putter gives the golfer a much more stable shot on impact and 60% of golfers said they had a more consistent path that says a lot about this excellent putter. A more consistent stroke is produced by the slightly heavier head, lower centre of gravity and heavier shaft that stills your hands on the grip. Odyssey Works offers you a quality putter with a two year guarantee that is able to withstand any treatment you are likely to mete out. This is a proven winning putter from the team producing many winning putters to choose from. If you are after a different design putter the 2 ball Versa Fang is the club to choose.