Odyssey Works Big T V-line putter
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    Be a confident putter with the Big T:
    the Big T V-line putter has a mallet shaped head that is perimeter weighted, has a double bend shaft and a full off-set shaft. This putter is available in right or left handedness and the standard specifications have it with a loft of 3°, a 70° lie angle and a head weight of 350 grams. The Big T alignment system from Odyssey Works allows you to easily line up the putter to the direction you want the ball to take as well as alignment with the ball. Easy to see in black and white the T markings are evident when you are standing over the ball and lining up your putt. This putter has excellent MOI and a pleasing symmetry of shape that seems to accentuate the Big T on the head.

    Odyssey works have combined technology to create the Fusion RX insert in the head. The White Hot insert has been added to the Metal X foil like face to create a superior striking plate. Once you have struck the ball, it starts pure rolling sooner and limits any skidding that is likely to occur when putting. If you are a golfer who struggles with alignment: either the face of the putter to the ball or the direction the ball will roll when struck, the Big T helps to alleviate these worries. Add this to customisation and you will be a much more confident putter due to the Big T alignment pattern on the head. The black graphite shaft will minimise any glare and reflection but if you prefer a chrome shaft that is available also. Odyssey Works stands by the quality of the putter and offer free replacement for two years and promise it will withstand any treatment you give it.