Odyssey Works Big T #5 Putter
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    With alignment for ball set up all through your stroke:
    the Big T #5 putter is a right handed mallet style putter with a loft of 3° and lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The Big T combines the best of Odyssey's two alignment systems; the Marxman and the Versa. The contrasting alignment stripe shows a path to the ball and one aligned with the face of the putter. Golfers prefer different alignment paths and with the Big T, Odyssey has combined both in the one putter. The two stripes give the golfer the immediate sense of square face alignment along with the putter lining up on the correct line to the pin.

    Along with the Fusion RX insert that gives a quicker roll with its metal X pattern and a reduction in any skidding, the Big T putter has a matt black shaft for reduced glare and a unique look different from many other putters. There is no sacrifice with the feel of the ball with a faster pure roll, hopefully straight to the pin. The putter is already a hit with many golfers on the Tour and is sure to add another aspect of accuracy to your game.

    Odyssey Works strives to give you the best putter that combines all the best technology in the one putter. The high performance technology used promises you the smoothest putter experience with proven head shapes. The Big T is evident when you are standing over the ball lining up your putt.

    The new lines of Odyssey Works Big T putters offer you the best of head shapes matched with the best technology that really works to elevate your game whether amateur or professional. Each putter can be personalised for your own specifications.