Odyssey Works #7 CH putter
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    Popular putter with a crank hosel:
    The #7 CH putter offers the golfer who prefers a crank hosel off the head of the putter. Odyssey Works has produced a modified mallet head putter with two weighted wings for alignment with a full shaft off-set. Available for right and left handed players the standard specifications are for a 70° lie angle with a 3° loft on a shaft length of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The mallet heads weighs in at 350 grams and has the Fusion RX inserted that is a combination of the Metal X face and the White Hot insert to produce a superior feel and hit of the ball. Minimal skidding and quick to a pure roll, the ball moves more cleanly and quicker off the striking face of the putter. A matt charcoal finish completes the sleek look of this putter with minimised glare and reflection off the putter. Alignment markings on the wings and the spots on the mallet shaped head allow you to better align the putter face to the ball and to control the direction the ball will travel after being hit. The wing lines allow you to follow through with your putting swing in the direction the ball will travel.

    Odyssey works are confident that using one of their #7 CH putters will give you a better experience when putting and allow you to improve this aspect of your game. Golfers the world over love the look and feel of the #7 CH and many recommend it to their fellow players. Alignment is easy to work out when standing over the ball. The putter is guaranteed to cope with any treatment you mete out to it and is backed by a two year repair or replace guarantee.