Odyssey Versa Jailbird Putter
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    Black and white stripes to help you putt:
    The Versa jailbird Putter has the most distinctive black and white stripes reminiscent of old fashioned jail uniforms. The large face balanced mallet shaped head putter is available in right and left handed configurations with a loft of 3° and angle of lie of 70°. The standard shaft lengths are 33, 34 and 35 inches, a double bend and a full off-set shaft. Head weight is 355 grams with the 4 black and white stripes. This is the Versa technology designed by Odyssey that has golfers aligning putts more consistently: nearly 70% and an improved angle of impact for 75% of golfers. The alignment technique allows for more consistent and confident putting that will make your overall game of golf much more enjoyable. The double Versa technology is even more effective than the 2 or 3 stripes of other Odyssey Versa models and allows the golfer when standing over the ball to better align to the pin. With the White Hot insert, these putters produce a consistent sound when hitting the ball. A laser milling process ensures that the insert fits neatly into the head of the putter. This is quite a large putter compared to the Odyssey range to be able to take the Double Versa stripes that look very striking.

    The assurance of quality from Odyssey means you can be confident you have an excellent product that will last. With the two year repair or replace warranty, the Jailbird putter will withstand any treatment meted out during your game of golf. If you take of your clubs like any golfer should it will last for years or until you think you need a change of putter to improve your game. Jailbird stripes make for a smart looking putter that will have you sinking more puts with greater control and consistency.