Odyssey Milled Collection #2 Putter
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    Precision milling for excellent putting:
    The collection of Odyssey Milled putters combines proven head shapes with a squarer face and a much flatter topline. Milled collection #2 putters is a right handed putter with a 3° loft and a 70° angle of lie in two standard shaft lengths of 34 and 35 inches. Detailed hand finishing on top of precision CNC milling has produced a putter with a squared off heel to toe weighted blade shaped head, crank neck hosel and a full off-set shaft. Initially only available in Japan, the Milled collection of putters are now in the USA. The head weight is available in three different designations: 340 grams, 350 grams and the heavier at 360 grams. Along with the Fusion RX insert that is a combination of the Metal X and White Hot inserts, striking the ball has never been easier. Skidding is minimised as the ball quickly enters a pure roll on its way to the pin. The Metal X face is a thin 0.406mm plate with its distinctive patterned design. The ball does leave the putter faster with this striking plate that you will soon get used to.

    Backed by Odyssey assurance of quality, this putter will withstand any treatment you mete out to it and will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked. Your golf game will improve and your putting will be more confident with this stylish putter. Being able to customise the weight of your putter will take your golf game to a new level of precision and confidence. The perpendicular black line helps with lining up the ball on its way to pin and a full follow through will see you sink more putts than ever before. You may need to adjust the length of your back swing with the heavier weighted head.