Odyssey Milled Collection #5 Putter
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    Milled to putting perfection:
    The Odyssey Milled Collection #5 putter comes with a 3° loft and an angle of lie of 70° on a rounded mallet shaped head. There is a single bend in the shaft that is fully off-set from the head. This putter only comes in a right hand model and can be customised in three different head weights depending on your preference for putter weight. Choose from shaft lengths of 34 and 35 inches and the mallet shaped head comes in weights of 340 grams, 350 grams and the heavier 360 gram weight. Odyssey has used the precision CNC milling and then each putter is finished by hand to produce a superior quality product. Complete with Odyssey's Fusion RX insert you can be assured of sinking more putts. Fusion RX is a combination of the Metal X patterned ultra thin striking plates with the White Hot insert. The ball comes off the Metal X plate quicker and any skidding is minimised by the patterned face. A pure roll starts sooner as the ball moves quickly in the direction you have chosen. The addition of a black line perpendicular to the face of the head allows you to easier align the ball with the direction you want it to travel towards the pin.

    With Odysseys quality assured in all of their golf clubs you know this putter will be able to cope with any treatment it is dealt during your golfing games. Better clubs mean you will play a better and more confident game of golf that will see your game improve and become more enjoyable. As the numbers drop you will be able to see the real difference a quality club from Odyssey has on a game of golf.