Odyssey Metal X Milled #2 putter
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    Adjustable weighting and unmatched precision:
    The Odyssey Metal X Milled #2 putter has a squared blade shaped head that has heel to toe weighting along with a hosel with a crank neck and a full shaft off-set. Available as a right handed model only, the putter has a loft of 3°, an angle of lie of 70°, standard length shafts of 33, 34 and 35 inches. In these models you have the flexibility of changing the head weight from the standard 350grams to a heavier weight of 360grams or a lighter weight of 340 grams. This weight system allows you to choose the perfect weight for your game and more precise putting. The Metal X pattern is chemically milled directly to the face of the milled carbon steel head. This distinctive pattern allows the putter to more precisely meet the ball and to lock onto the dimples. This means less skidding of the ball when first hit and a more controlled and directed approach to the pin. The ball does take off from the face quite quickly but the roll is purer faster. All of this combines to give you better putting accuracy and sinking of more putts.

    An assurance of quality from Odyssey means that their clubs are able to withstand any treatment given with a repair or replace no questions asked policy. Another innovation is a cross bar directly behind the face that adds balance to the feel of the club. A distinctive sweet spot pop can be heard when the head hits the ball in the correct position. A white line perpendicular to the head means easier lining up of your put while standing over the ball.