Odyssey Metal X Milled 2 ball putter
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    Cross bar adds stability, sound and feel:
    This Metal X Milled 2 ball putter has an extended mallet shaped head on a shaft with two bends that is fully off-set. This is a right handed club with a loft of 3°, lie angle of 70° on standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The weight of the head is adjustable from the standard 350 gram head to a 360 gram head or a lighter 340 gram head allowing you to fine tune the putter to suit your game better. Metal X pattern has been chemically milled directly to the carbon steel head to produce the distinctive pattern that locks onto the dimples in the golf balls. Patterning means that the balls roll is pure faster and any skidding has been limited by the precise contact of head with ball. The traditional 2 ball patterned head allows you to line up your putt with the pin for better accuracy when putting. When you are putting well your golf game is more enjoyable and fun and you will become a much more confident player who will be sinking more putts with this matt black headed putter.

    Built to stand up to any treatment meted out and backed by an assurance of quality from Odyssey, you can be confident that this putter will perform for many years and add another facet to your game. A sweet spot pop sounds when you have hit the ball correctly so you can refine your game to consistently hit the sweet spot for more controlled roll to the pin. Feel more confident when putting knowing that if everything is lined up and the sweet spot pops you should sink that putt.