Odyssey Metal X Milled #1 wide
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    Three heads are better than one:
    Odyssey Metal X milled putters have used the technology from three of their winning putters to create a new and superior touch and feel with the #1 wide putters. The head is blade shaped with heel to toe weighting, a wide flange and a fully off-set shaft with a single bend. Loft is at 3° with an angle of lie of 70° with standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The head comes with a standard weight of 350 grams and can be exchanged for a lighter weight at 340 grams or a heavier one at 360 grams. The carbon steel head is milled into shape and then the Metal X pattern is milled directly onto the head instead of onto an ultra thin metal plate see in another range of putters. A chemical process adds the oval dimples to the face of the head that reduces skidding of the ball when struck. The roll produced is more consistent and controlled. Odyssey have added a cross bar directly behind the face for more stability. The sound and feel of the ball being struck on the sweet spot is distinctive and lets you know you are contacting the ball correctly.

    Treated correctly this club will last you for many years and is also backed by Odyssey's assurance guarantee that will repair or replace the club up to two years after purchase. They are confident that the putter will take any treatment given to it and still perform without failing. A distinctive white line perpendicular to the face of the head allows you to line up the ball with the pin for better putting results. The aim of this putter and its design is to make you a more confident putter and your games of golf more enjoyable.