Clevelandgolf Smart Square putter

    Consistent roll and confident alignment:
    The Cleveland Golf Smart Square putter has a mallet shaped head weighing 360 grams and increasing to 400 gram on the longest shaft model. The putters all have a loft of 3° and angle of lie of 70° and come in standard lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches while the longest model has a shaft length of 39 inches. The Almost Belly longer shafted, models can be further customised to suit your style of play. All shafts have a step free double bend and can be heel or centre mounted on right handed models but only heel mounted on left handed models. Grips weigh in at 36 grams except for the longer shafted models that has a counterbalance weight of 158 grams for more stability and control. Using the Dual Axis alignment system allows the golfer to better align the face of the putter with the ball and the ball on its way to the pin. With two contrasting squares outlined in white on the matte black top of the putter, alignment has never been easier for the golfer who wants to be confident of sinking putts. Alignment is faster and a lot more reliable than before. The copolymer insert in the mallet shaped head means that there is far less skidding of the ball and more control of the roll.

    Sound and feel when hitting the ball is good and you know with the alignment tool when the ball is not squared with the pin or the face of the putter. The squares are slightly smaller than the ball but just by quick glance will indicate whether the ball is in alignment or not the visual aspects are that good. Combined with a high MOI, minimal distance is lost on any hits of the ball that are slightly off centre. For more confident putting and easy alignment the Smart Square putter could be the club you have been waiting for.