Clevelandgolf New Classic Collection HB Insert 1I Putter

    Face milled classic putter:
    The New Collection HB Insert 1I putter from Cleveland Golf has a high MOI for maximum distance with minimal losses over long distances. The angle of lie is 70° and the loft is 3° on standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The blade shaped head weighs in at 340 grams with a grip that weighs 60 grams. Heel to toe weighting combines with a plumber's neck hosel and is available for right handed and left handed golfers. The blade shaped head has a copolymer insert on the face that gives a better feel and sound when hitting the ball. A high MOI means that even off centre hits of the ball will still have accurate speed and consistency over the greens to the pin. The insert also produces a much more consistent roll with limited skidding off the ball when first struck by the putter. A contrasting white line is marked perpendicular to the face for better alignment of the ball to the pin when standing over the ball.

    A sleek matte charcoal color gives you a classy putter that will look good in any golfer's kit. The insert allows for changes of sound when the ball is missing hit so you can better improve your game by listening to the sound the ball makes when struck by the putter. The HB Insert 1I putter is a more traditional putter that has the classic looks and lines of clubs from years gone by before all the innovative alignment tools made their appearance. These models are suited to professional golfers on tour as well as the beginner who wants to learn the feel of putting with little alignment visuals on the putter that could be a distraction.