Clevelandgolf New Classic Collection HB 1 OI Putter

    Traditional shape with great feel and sound: the New Classic Collection HB 1OI putter from Cleveland Golf is a more traditional putter with a mid-mallet shaped head weighing in at 350 grams. The standard length shafts are fully off-set and are available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches are heel mounted and the putter has a plumber's neck hosel. The angle of lie is 70° and the loft is 3°, the same as all of the Cleveland Golf insert putters. This is available in right handed configurations only with a standard weight 60 gram grip. Heel to toe weighting and a high MOI allow for more consistent putting and distance control. The high MOI is more forgiving for miss hits and will have the ball rolling better over the green. Skidding is limited by the design of the club and the copolymer insert that sits behind the precision milled face of the putter. This insert lets you know by the sound released when the ball is hit if you have hit the ball on centre or off centre. A distinct difference in sound and feel can be noticed. There are two simple white perpendicular lines on top of the putter to help with any alignment issues you may have. See instantly if the ball is lined up with the face of the putter and aligned on its trip to the pin.

    Available in matte charcoal with the white contrasting perpendicular lines this putter has little to distract your shot to the pin. This traditionally styled putter has been designed for confident putting and solid feel and sound with good control over long distances and short putts. Be confident that the higher MOI will give your putting more consistency and control over any distances.