Clevelandgolf Classic Collection HB 1 Black Pearl

    You can't beat tradition:
    The Classic Collection from Cleveland Golf includes the HB 1 Black Pearl. This putter has standard specifications of a 3° lie and a 70° angle of lie on standard shaft lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. Longer shafts are available on the Almost belly models up to 39 inches. A traditional blade shaped head weighs in at 340 grams with a Winn® grip weighing in at 60 grams. The Winn® grip will give you a more responsive feedback with this soft textured grip. A blade shaped head with a plumber's neck hosel means that your hands will always be ahead of the club head giving you increased forgiveness on any off-centre shots to the pin as well as minimising loss at longer distances. Heel to toe weighting creates better use of the high MOI with minimal skidding of the ball when it is first struck by the putter. The HB1 Black Pearl is so-called because of the color of the putting head and has a deeper precision milling on the face of the putter than other putters in the Classic Collection and this means that you will have greater control over your putts and a better feel of each strike of the ball.

    As with any blade head shaped putter they are more beneficial to the golfer who tends to have too much hip rotation that produces a curved putting stroke. This putter will give you a more controlled putt with a more solid feel that will have you sinking more putts. A white contrasting perpendicular line allows you to easily align the ball with the pin for better control over the direction of travel of the ball. This is an ideal putter for the beginner and the professional golfer alike.