Callaway Odyssey O-Works #7 Putter Review
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The Callaway Odyssey O-Works #7 Putter retails from $199.99 (MSRP) and it already made it on Golf Digest 2017’s Hot List Gold Medal Winner. This putter makes for a modified mallet, featuring weighted alignment wings, a high contrast Versa alignment, a double bend shaft, a full shaft offset, sole weighting, the company’s proprietary Microhinge Face Insert, and a Superstroke grip. As you can see, this baby comes fully loaded with all bells and whistles available in the company’s portfolio, but definitely, its most important feature is the new Microhinge Face Insert, that provides unmatched roll. The Microhinge Face Insert is basically a hybrid face-insert, making for the best of both worlds, acting (in terms of feel and sound) like a steel faced putter, yet delivering all the advantages/benefits of the hybrid insert (the unmatched roll thing and a soft feel). The gains in topspin and roll at impact are nothing short of amazing with the Callaway Odyssey O-Works #7 putter, as this baby was built and designed to change the way you look at roll off forever. The Microhinge Face Insert, which is definitely the leader of its field, works wonders when it comes to defying the natural trade-off between distance control, feel and feedback, making for the perfect combo of all 3 and providing amazing consistency, great control, solid feedback and yet a soft feel.

The Callaway Odyssey O-Works #7 also comes with the new and improved Versa Alignment technology, which is a revolutionary high contrast alignment, developed by Callaway with Tour pros in mind, that allows you to determine the perfect face angle from address to impact throughout your putting stroke, thus giving you the much-needed help to make sure you’re lined up properly to your target.