Callaway Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball Putter Review
© Callaway Golf

The Callaway Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball Putter retails from $199.99 (MSRP) and it comes with 2-Ball alignment, the company’s proprietary Microhinge Face Insert, Versa high-contrast alignment, full shaft offset, a double bend shaft and a Superstroke grip. Being one of the latest putters in the company’s lineup, the Callaway Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball will provide you with unmatched roll thanks to the new Microhinge Face Insert, that will change your game for the better. This technology ,which consists of a stainless steel made Microhinge plate embedded/molded into what Callaway describes as a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, makes for one of the best face-inserts today, a hybrid of sorts which really works and offers great feel and sound at impact, together with generating pure roll and vast gains in topspin.

The new and improved Versa Alignment is nothing short of revolutionary, and it allows you to determine with pinpoint accuracy the proper face angle from address to impact, making sure you’re always lined up perfectly to your target. This putter is beautifully aligned and its performance is amazing, providing perfect roll shot after shot and easy to control speed and distance. It’s worth noticing that in terms of distance control, the Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball is so consistent and intuitive it’s almost boring, especially when it comes to ranges within twenty feet. Even mishits track right on target and end up near the hole. The revolutionary Microhinge Face Insert packs more zip than other inserts in previous putters, impacting the ball softly and offering more feedback on heel and toe hits and a muted (pleasant) sensation on center hits. Also, the head in the Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball putter is lighter than most of its competitors. Finally, the Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball is designed to be a real confidence booster due to its matte black finish, which contrasts with the white Versa alignment system, making it truly pop.