Callaway Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR Putter Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR Putter retails for $459.99 and it makes for a stunningly beautiful face balanced mallet, designed by Toulon and featuring a composite material built. The head of the Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR Putter is smaller than usual, and this design feature confers it tremendous performance, while enhancing both sound and feel. Just like its siblings, the Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR boasts the unique Deep Diamond Mill pattern on its face. This particular design was chosen after the company tested 25 different patterns, due to its grooves that control both feel and sound by channeling vibration. There are also smaller grooves to be found inside every diamond pattern, which play a significant role in improving the quality of the roll. The end result is a high end looking and feeling putter, with finely tuned feel and sound, in order to match the distance that the ball rolls.

The Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR Putter is created to help you generate a more pronounced release of the head, whilst keeping a traditional stroke and grip length. The putter comes from the factory with a stainless steel made sole plate weighing 20 grams, which works in tandem with the CounterCore putter grip (25 grams), making for a total head weight of 365 grams. The counterbalanced grip and the 20 grams stainless steel plate are aimed at delivering an amazingly stable stroke, while the Deep Diamond Mill grooves on the face are working wonders in terms of delivering stellar feel and sound, not to mention moment of inertia for those pesky off center hits. The compact head shape in the Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR Putter and its composite/multi-material built are focused on inspiring great confidence at address and great feel. Bottom line, just like all Toulon Design putters, the Memphis H4 Counterbalanced MR is created for golfers of all skill levels seeking for the ultimate feel in an incredibly beautiful/high end putter.